1 a day

this is annoying


im skipping those days because they were boring and i dont feel like it



Today I woke up early because I visited Evergreen!  It was really cool.  I’m really excited and I’m definitely going there.  Its really cool how you would only really be taking one class at a time.  The one I’m really excited about is called Afraid To Laugh and its about why humans are afraid of what we are afraid of and why things are funny to us, and how things have changed over time and stuff.  It would be 2 quarters and idk I’m just really excited. 


Today started out really bad.  I woke up super tired, because I didn’t really sleep well last night, but I kept moving along because I knew that I had to go to school.  Then I get out to the family room and my mom tells me she’s letting my sister sleep in for a few hours.  I just about like flipped a table over.  Just because she got home late from her volleyball tournament.  Like honestly, I’m just as tired as she is, and I know it.  My sister doesn’t even go to bed until like at least 1:00 most nights, and they got home around 11:00.  Also my sister is like a huge bitch and honestly doesn’t deserve anything special, like getting to sleep in.  It probably seems like I’m overreacting but she really is just a mean person to everyone in my family.  She’s probably the nicest to me out of everybody and I still think she’s a horrible person, based on what she does to everybody else.  

I then went on to almost fall asleep in chemistry, which isn’t normal at all.  

But Danielle came to lunch!  We ate in Monrad’s room cause the main reason she came in was to see her.  idk it was really short though.  

Anyways I came home and just decided to forget how mad I was at my parents for not letting me go into school late like my sister.  Basically just chilled at home all day since then.  

My mom did get this really good key lime graham gelatto from the store.  Its so good. so good.  I love key lime pie. If I’m ever about to die somebody should find me the perfect key lime pie like in Dexter. 

And I’m about to watch Pretty Little Liars and then talk to Kaci about it. 


Today was very lazy. I basically sat down a lot and yeah. A lot of Tiny Tower. My mom and sister were at a volleyball tournament all day and my dad was in bed so he was callings me and my brother all day for stuff. He wanted toast like 5 million times.
Then I watches desperate housewives witch was awesome.
I also spent a while working on the theme for my blog which was frustrating and probably not worth it but idk I like it now. I added a movies I have watched page which probably a total of 2 people will ever look at.


I woke up today feeling all weird.  I thought it was Sunday and I was thinking “what the hell did I do yesterday.”  Then I checked my phone and confirmed it was Saturday and yeah.  

Basically just sat around all day.  Did nothing.  I got Pushmo on my 3DS and yeah.  Pushmo is really fun.  I also played a lot of Tiny Tower on my phone.  Tiny Tower is really fun.  So is Fruit Ninja.  So is Temple Run.  So is Jetpack Joyride.  So is Mario Kart 7.  I played a lot of games today.  

I didn’t shower all day, and right as I was getting into the shower my mom started yelling “AUSTIN THERES A BIG ENVELOPE FOR YOU” and I thought it was going to be my Secret Santa present, but it wasn’t.  I was actually my acceptance to WWU.  That’s great and all, and surprising actually, but I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t get in.  It means I have to make a choice.  I still think I’ll go to Evergreen, because it just seems like a better fit for me, but it just kind of makes me nervous.  Choosing where I go to school will probably be the biggest decision I have ever made, and it’s scary.  I know I can still transfer schools, but it’s choosing the first place I am going to be living after I move out.  It’s scary.  

We got pizza to celebrate my 2nd acceptance, and it was good.  My mom ordered the cinnastix things or whatever which was surprising because she’s usually really cheap.  I was kind of pissed off at my sister, because she was eating all of them.  I mean, its not like I was freaking out because she ate something, and I only had 2 and I didnt want any more, but she ate like all of them and it just kind of annoyed me when she literally chased me across the house to get them.  And she chased me into kicking my dog which made me mad and feel really bad.  Basically my sister is a stupid bitch.  


School was boring as usual.  I’m really enjoying it more this year though.  My classes are all pretty okay.  In 6th period a girl named Molly sits at my table, and she laughs at everything, which makes me laugh, so I always have a good time in there. 

Anyways, I got home and I took a nap.  I don’t take naps very often, and when I do I usually get mad at myself because I don’t do it on purpose and it really messes up my sleep schedule.  But I actually tried to take a nap, and it was amazing.  

I watched the finale of Wizards of Waverly Place.  That’s probably the last show left on The Disney Channel that I somewhat enjoyed so I think I’m finally over it.  

And yeah I basically just hung out around the house. 


UH I dont really remember anything from this day.  Basically really boring.  Nothing special. 

Danielle was supposed to come to lunch and visit Monrad, but she didn’t/couldn’t. 

I got my dad to deposit $80 into my checking account so I could order some phone cases.  I’m really excited to get them.  I ordered 3.


lol got behind on these.

So today school was boring like normal.  

But my check came in the mail from when I was working at my mom’s office.  It was like 112 dollars or something like that.  My mom was going to Target so i begged her to take me to the bank first so i could get it cashed, and she did.  I was planning on buying Super Mario 3D Land but they were out of stock I guess.  



Okay, so today was the first day back at school.  It was normal, and not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Nothing exciting happened at school, but I got 100% on a big english assignment that I just reused half of it from last year, and then I took a test on a book I was supposed to read, but I only read it 3 years ago so I don’t remember it perfectly, and I’m pretty sure I got 100%.  

All day though my new shoes were WAY TOO SMALL and they hurt so bad.  I was walking so sexy almost limping.  

Nothing special happened at home.  I got to take my shoes off.  

I went to bed at like 8:00.  early.   


So. The plan for today was to go to H&M at 10:30, which was annoying at first because I’ve been sleeping late all break. But anyways I couldn’t sleep last night and stayed up until at least 4:00, but I was like stressing out cause I had to leave at 10:30. And anyways I woke up at around 10:00, but I just laid in bed for like 5 hours on my phone. Heh. Anyways we went to H&M at 2:15 or something and I returned the stuff I didn’t want and got new stuff. I got a plaid button up shirt, a red white and blue zip up hoodie, and a pair of shoes. The shoes were only $5. My brother was exchanging a shirt too, and he got a white t shirt. Like really all of this stuff and you choose a white t shirt. Pshh. After that we met up with my cousin and one of my moms clients at Starbucks. Her client is brain injured so it’s always a little awkward when I’m around him because he’ll ask he random stuff, and he’s like almost fully blind so he doesn’t always look at you when he’s talking to you so it’s really hard to know when he’s talking to you because the questions are really random and irrelevant. We got dinner at Dick’s. Then I came home and watched PLL. Now I’m going to bed.

School tomorrow.